Here is an overview as to how a typical project would be handled concerning the tabulation phase:

1) Initial Team Meeting – At this stage, we would meet with the Project Director/Client and we would go over the questionnaire to get a feel as to what type of tables would need to be run.

2) Write Tables  - While the project is still in field, we would write the tables and banners (if available) as well as the cleaning program. If possible, I would ask for a partial data set to check for data consistency and check the tables. (This will save time on the back end. This will also allow us to alert you of any problems with the data at an early juncture.)

3) Clean Data – Once we have final data, we would run the data through the cleaning program to catch and fix all data errors.

4) Final Table Check – We would check the tables again using the full data set and then send them to the Project Director/Client for him/her to check.